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road traffic claim

Road Traffic Claims

Obtain compensation for your road traffic accident even when you are partly to blame.

workplace injury

Workplace Injuries

Have you suffered an injury at work, but don’t know how to pursue a claim? Look no further than our skilled lawyers to help.

personal injury

Personal Injury

Are you unable to work because you have sustained an injury that was not your fault? Maybe you slipped on a supermarket’s floor. Choose our trusted lawyers to pursue your claim.

holiday claim

Holiday Claims

Illness can ruin your holiday, and it can be even more upsetting when your virus could have been prevented. Our lawyers instigate a claim against your tour operator.



When a doctor has misdiagnosed your illness, you may be able to receive medical compensation.

criminal assault claim

Criminal Assault Claims

An unprovoked attack can have a huge effect on your confidence. At Maximum Justice, our efficient lawyers carry-out a claim when you have suffered an injury.


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Choose Maximum Justice and receive maximum compensation for your injury. Whether you have been involved in a road traffic accident, suffered an accident at work, or been ill on holiday, our proficient personal injury lawyers pursue a compensation claim for you. Providing you an outstanding service is of paramount importance to us, and we endeavour to achieve a successful result in every case. Rely on our lawyers who work throughout Edinburgh to obtain the compensation you deserve. Plus, we offer a first-class professional service.

Contact our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh, to find out more about our compensation claims.

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