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Get in touch with us when you want a reliable, competent, and a hassle-free service. You don’t have to worry about anything when pursuing a personal injury claim as our team of experts are always on-hand to help. When you contact us regarding a personal injury compensation claim, we assign one of our ‘No Win, No Fee, No Risk lawyers to you. Serving clients throughout Edinburgh, we provide an unrivalled service.

Your Injury Claims

It can be extremely frustrating when you have sustained an injury that wasn’t your fault. Maybe you tripped on an outdoor paving stone which has caused unbearable pain in your back. Furthermore, you may have slipped on a supermarket’s floor, and broken your leg. If these scenarios sound familiar or apply to your current situation, rely on our lawyers to help.

Maximum Justice

The effects of an injury can be life-changing. At Maximum Justice, we help secure the compensation that you are entitled to. Sustaining an injury can affect your ability to work, and you may not be able to participate in sports or any hobbies that you enjoy. Also, your family can be affected because of your injury, and they may have to change their daily routine to assist you. Contact our injury lawyers when you want us to pursue your claim.

Claim 100% Compensation

To ensure that you receive 100% of the compensation that you are entitled to, get in touch with one of our lawyers who have invaluable knowledge in the claim industry. Whether you have had an accident at work, or a road traffic accident, we provide advice, guidance throughout the whole process.

Hassle-Free Help

There is no need to worry about your claim as our competent lawyers take care of everything. When you contact us via telephone, email, or contact form, we identify what happened in your accident. In the discussion, our lawyers ask you about your loss of earnings, or time you have had off work because of the injuries you sustained in the accident. Upon establishing what happened and what the effects were, we match you with a suitable lawyer.

Keeping in Touch

Our priority is to ensure that you are satisfied with our service, and when we match you with a lawyer, we provide continuous support and assistance. A fundamental aspect of Our Law Firm is to ensure that the costs are discussed with the lawyer and yourself so that everyone involved is kept up-to-date.

Unrivalled Success

Count on us to put you in touch with a specialist lawyer during your time of need. As we have great working relationships with respected lawyers, we can match you with a lawyer who can produce great results.

Contact a member of our team in Edinburgh to enquire about our personal injury claims and compensation service.

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