Medical Negligence Claims Pursued in Edinburgh

Has your doctor misdiagnosed your illness? Maybe they failed to recognise the signs of your cancer. Moreover, have you had surgical procedure that has gone wrong, and now you must live with the side effects? If these scenarios sound familiar to you, you may be entitled to medical compensation. At Maximum Justice, we pursue your medical negligence claim so that you don’t have to encounter anymore stress or upset. Medical claims are a complex process, but our team of proficient lawyers have the skills and knowledge to make your claim a success. Operating throughout Edinburgh, we aim to provide you an exceptional service.

Leading the World

The UK is a world leader in the medical and healthcare industries. However, cases of negligence occur when inadequate treatment is provided. Surgeons, doctors, and other health care professionals have a responsibility to provide a high-level of care. If health care professionals fail to fulfil their duty of care, and cause injury to a patient, whether by act or omission, they may be liable at law to pay compensation.

Level of Complexity

Medical claims are complex, and when attempting to prove negligence, there can be some problems encountered. To hold a medical professional accountable for your injury, it must be evident that they have breached their duty of care. Examples of medical negligence include:

  • Failure or Delay in the Diagnosis of a Condition Such as Cancer 
  • Negligent or Inadequate Medical Treatment or Care 
  • Brian Injuries, Birth Injuries, Surgical Errors, or Spinal Injuries 
  • Failure to Diagnose or Incorrect Diagnosis of Epilepsy
  • Negligent or Inadequate Dental Treatment or Care 
  • Misdiagnosis or Inappropriate Treatment 
  • Hospital-Acquired Infections, Such as MRSA

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